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Table 2 Themes used to inform key changes in prompts.

From: Developing a computer delivered, theory based intervention for guideline implementation in general practice

Prompt Set Key changes made Relevant theme
  Cancel option on all pages Rejection of enforcement and approval for choice.
  Tabs to print, and return to menu added on every page Usability.
  Menu page to select which information is viewed Rejection of enforcement and approval for choice.
   Support tool
  Alternative treatments tab merged into patient information sheet Optimal information presentation.
  Advice on what to do removed from all additional information tabs Rejection of enforcement and approval for choice.
   Optimal information presentation.
  Names of additional tabs made clearer Usability.
   Optimal information presentation.
  Printable patient information sheet added Assistance in persuading patients.
   Provision of additional features.
  Only guidelines relevant to individual patient appear Tailored information.
  Link to Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party Guidelines Credibility of source.
   Guideline conflict.