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Table 5 5As model

From: Health improvement and prevention study (HIPS) - evaluation of an intervention to prevent vascular disease in general practice

Ask Identification of eligible patients who are 40-64 years from practice records with invitation to attend the practice for a health check following a blood test for fasting glucose and lipids. Completion of a waiting room questionnaire by patients on their risk factors
Assess Assessment of behavioural and physiological risk factors and readiness to change
Advise Brief advice using written materials (lifescript resources)
Assist Motivational counselling and medications if appropriate
Arrange Referral of high risk patients who are unsure or are ready to change to an allied health provider (either an exercise physiologist or a dietician) for individual advice and goal setting; and to the CHANGE for HIPS group program. Prior to attending the program patients are asked to complete a food diary. Follow up is arranged with the GP at about 10 - 12 weeks.