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Table 2 Patient selection criteria

From: Health improvement and prevention study (HIPS) - evaluation of an intervention to prevent vascular disease in general practice

Inclusion criteria
• Aged 40-55 with hypertension and/or hyperlipidaemia
• Aged 56-64
• Attended the practice in the last 12 months
Exclusion criteria by practice Exclusion criteria by GP
Diagnosed or treated for: • Has current severe illness or personal circumstances which are of overriding concern;
• Diabetes  
• Cardiovascular disease • Is deceased (up to date medical records generally prevent this)
• Renal disease • Is no longer a patient of the practice;
• Stroke • Is unable to speak adequate English;
  • Has diabetes or cardiovascular disease;
  • Is unlikely to be able to read and understand the information sheet and consent form because of significant cognitive impairment (e.g. dementia.)