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Table 2 Interview guide

From: Views on primary prevention of cardiovascular disease - an interview study with Swedish GPs

Main topics Probing questions
Communication of risk and risk reduction How do you usually communicate/inform the patient of the results of the tests and of risk - numerically, graphically or how? How do you explain what it means?
  Most important to be said?
  "Typical" patient reaction?
  Numerical or non-numerical presentation of benefits and risks? Always talk about non-pharmaceutical treatment?
  Risk for you not to prescribe - in hypertension/in hyperlipidemia?
  Talk about follow-up, treatment targets, treatment length and possible adverse effects?
Treatment decision How is the treatment decision made - what is the role of the patient? What would the optimal situation be?
  How often pharmaceuticals immediately?
  Difference in handling of hyperlipidemia and hypertension? Difference in handling of patients of different ages?
Other aspects of primary prevention Has there been any shift in your view of primary prevention in later years - why?
  What is the most difficult about primary prevention of CVD?
  How would you treat yourself and your personal risk factors?
  Is there anything you would like to add regarding primary prevention?