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Table 2 Schedule of data collected from consumers at each data collection point

From: The devil is in the detail - a multifactorial intervention to reduce blood pressure in co-existing diabetes and chronic kidney disease: a single blind, randomized controlled trial

Measures T1 T2 T3 T4
Demographics(age, gender, education, usual role, social support) X    
English proficiency X    
Abbreviated mental health test X    
Chronic conditions X    
Prescribed medications X    
Body Mass Index X    X
Blood pressure X X X X
SF-12v2-Item Health Survey X X X X
MASES Self-Efficacy Scale X X X X
Morisky scale X X X X
Health care utilisation scale X X X X
Pill count X X X X
Serum & urine laboratory measures ie eGFR, urine Malb/Cr ratios, creatinine, Hb, HbA1C, CaPO4, lipids X X X X