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Table 3 Limitations associated with study outcomes in 16 studies reviewed

From: Effectiveness of IT-based diabetes management interventions: a review of the literature

Issue Limitation
Design Not randomised [24, 27]
  No control group [28]
  Short duration of the intervention [[15], 1623]
Sample Sample not representative [22, 23]
  Small sample size [28]
  Sampling population restricted to patients who accessed hospital web page [30]
Intervention effect Unable to determine intervention component contributing to the observed change [23, 29]
  Unmeasured variable contributing to observed change [28]
  Possibility of increased attention to management contributing to observed change [19, 20]
  Mean baseline HbA1c close to 7% [17, 20, 25]
  Concomitant exposure to another intervention [27]
Participant dropout Non-random participant dropout [19]
  Complete data not available for all participants [29]