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Table 1 Barriers to using diabetes interventions in general practice identified in the literature.

From: Effectiveness of IT-based diabetes management interventions: a review of the literature

Intervention Barrier
Care plans Time constraints
  Amount of documentation required to claim *EPC items
  Inconsistency between chronic disease care and acute care-oriented systems
  Conflicting patient and +GP care goals
  Inadequate knowledge about available #AH services
  Inadequate training to work within interdisciplinary teams
  Difficulty communicating with other °HPs
  Long waiting lists
  No practice nurses employed within the practice
Electronic templates Time constraints
  Unsure of process
  Perception that the items were too business-focused
α IT-based diabetes interventions Concerns about confidentiality
  Staff shortages
  Time constraints
  Inadequate training
  Anxiety about change
  1. Note. *EPC = Enhanced Primary Care; +GP = general practitioner; #AH = Allied Health; °health professionals; αIT = information technology.