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Table 1 Patient- and system-related factors with diagnostic delay

From: Patient- and system-related barriers for the earlier diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Patient Factors
   Frequent appointment no-shows
   Frequent appointment cancellations
   Declined evaluation
   Medical comorbidity
   Poor-quality information from patient history
   Reference to patient noncompliance
   Significant psychiatric diagnosis
System factors
   Scheduling delay for colonoscopy
   Incorrect Interpretation of results
   Judgment error by clinician
   Communication failure of clinician
   Inexperience of clinician
Abnormal findings likely lost to follow up
   Outside records not obtained
   Weight (wt) loss not evaluated
   Anemia not evaluated
   FOBT request
   Positive FOBT
   Abnormal flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy or polyp biopsy results
   Abnormal barium enema or CAT scan results
   Lesion missed by colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy
   Lesion missed by barium enema