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Table 3 Activities delegated to the AGnES-practice assistants

From: GP-support by means of AGnES-practice assistants and the use of telecare devices in a sparsely populated region in Northern Germany – proof of concept

Activities N
Standardized assessment of the patients' health condition 550
Measuring blood pressure and pulse rate 402
Measuring pulse rate (without measuring blood pressure) 268
Additional documentation of noticeable symptoms 236
Measuring blood glucose 230
Applying standardized tests (e.g. for dementia, mobility) 126
Measuring body weight 81
Drug history (complete ascertainment of medication incl. inspection of storage) 78
Fluid intake advice 76
Training on telemedical devices 58
Standardized prevention of falls incl. visual inspection of the home 45
Measuring performance of the lungs 34
12-lead-ECG 30
Geriatric assessment 26
Instruction how to use a peak flow-meter 18
Drawing of a blood sample 17
Additional advise/consultation (without fluid intake advice) 17
Coordination/check of home care 15
Special talks (e.g. in case of mourning) 15
Checking daily pain journals 13
Therapy of wounds/sores/decubitus 10
Injections 6
Measuring body temperature 5
Issue of a medication plan 2