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Table 1 Characteristics of sample population compared to other samples of patients attending for methadone/addiction treatment in Ireland.

From: Prevalence of problem alcohol use among patients attending primary care for methadone treatment

Variable   This study Patients attending GPs for methadone treatment (Barry, Personal Communication, 2005) Patients attending general practice for methadone treatment[23, 24] All patients attending for problem drug use treatment in Ireland[14]
Demographics % male 68% 68% 72% 71%
  % employed 45% NA NA 25.8%
  % homeless 2% NA NA 3%
  Median age at time of study (range) 32(20–55) 32(18–62) 28* 25.8(17.2–40.7)
  Median age of first heroin use (range) 18(13–52) NA NA NA
  Median age of first injecting drug use 19(13–39) NA 19.4* 19(15–28)
Bloodborne virus infections % (of those tested) who were known to be HCV positive 55 NA 73 NA
  % (of those tested) who were known to be HIV positive 5 NA 9 NA
Geographical location of practice by health region East Coast Area 38(30%) 333(13%) NA NA
  Northern Area 39(18%) 751(29%) NA NA
  South West Area 115(45%) 1325(51%) NA NA
  Rest of Ireland 4(11%) 197(8%) NA NA
  1. NA: Data not available/not reported.
  2. * indicates mean value as median not reported.