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Table 2 Table 2: Operational Responsibility

From: Organisational development in general practice: lessons from practice and professional development plans (PPDPs)

PPDP Manager Tasks
  . Marketing
  . Practice Selection
  . Facilitator Matching
  . Contracting
  . PPDP monitoring
  . Budget management
Practice Tasks
  . Volunteering to participate
  . Engaging in selection of facilitator
  . Signing agreement to PPDP process
  . Completing PPDP budgetary claims
  . Completing an effective organisational change
  . Allowing inspection and validation
PPDP Facilitation Tasks
  . The facilitator contract can be either with the practice or with the PPDP
  . Ensuring effective process
  . Match of practice aims to environment context and policy
  . Ensuring adherence to contracted procedures